AFROMART is a Canadian e-commerce retail store designed to help small businesses owners and entrepreneurs promote their businesses. Afromart ‘s objective is to promote, African-Canadian business and entrepreneurs. In
Canada we celebrate diversity and Afromart would like Canadians to discover what AFRICA can create and enjoy it.

Afromart is guided by four principles: Customer fascination; passion of showing off African and ethnocultural creativity to Canadians and the world, excitement to connect African Creativity to the world, and our commitment to deliver the best service experience and products through strong Marketing (promotion and public relation)


Afromart strives to have a great impact on customers, suppliers, employees, partners, young entrepreneur, starter businesses, the economy, and communities where we are located. Team AFROMART is passionate, creative and smart. We share the same desire to display the African and ethnocultural creativity to Canadians and the world and mostly sell products.

« where the world meets African creative minds in fashion, home, beauty, food and health industries »

Afromart is committed to help new and existing African entrepreneur increase their sales, gain visibility and reach new clientele nationwide and internationally through our strong and powerful advertising and publicity strategies.

Afromart’s goal is to assist our partners to follow their dreams, reach customers and boost sales. We are a corporation that aims to provide you with the best service possible.